Romans in Scotland (2 day tour)

2 day tour
Max 4 persons
Available as 1 day or 2 day tour
Accommodation not included!

Day 1 – a day at Hadrian’s wall

We will take you to some of the less busy spots on the wall and let you see the world’s largest Roman archeological site close up.

We will visit Sycamore Gap, a Mithraic Temple, one of the main tourist sites (either Housesteads, Vindolandia, Chesters or Corbridge town and stop at Rochester Fort the furthest Northern Fort in England.

Day2 – the Roman legacy in Scotland

We will begin in the Cheviot hills and take a short but demanding hike to Woden Law Hill fort. At the base of the hill we will view evidence of Pennymuir Roman Camps and Dere Street Roman Road.

From there we will travel to Melrose and Trimontium Roman fort, then onto Trimontium museum in Melrose.

Time permitting we will then go to Lyne Fort.


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