Welcome to our Extended Tours for 2023

Creative Seekers Tour 2023

“The Borders and Beyond”

Building on the success of our previous Creative Seekers Tours we are pleased to be offering a 9 day excursion to the Scottish Borders in July 2023.

Excursion Dates:

Sunday July 9th 2023 – Monday July 17th 2023 

Your Guides:

Mark Nicol (UK) & Tebbé Davis (US)

If you have always dreamed of visiting Scotland & the Scottish Borders for reasons that teased your imagination;

Creative Seekers
“The Borders and Beyond” 2023
is for you!

We are a small group tour operator originating in the Scottish Borders and outreaching to the rest of Scotland & parts of England to tell the tales of the Anglo-Scots Borderlands

Our Itinerary is customised to aid history buffs, spiritual seekers, family heritage research and general appreciation of the Scottish Borders beautiful landscapes and rolling hills


The Tontine Hotel dates back to 1808 and is the only building on Peebles High Street which is set back from the road, forming a small open square to the front of the building. The building takes its name from the way in which it was funded; the tontine principle, and it is thought that Napoleonic prisoners of war may have helped to build the hotel. A plaque on the front of the building commemorates this.

Nowadays, The Tontine is a family owned, comfortable and modern 36 room hotel with a popular restaurant, bar and bistro. Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything that we do and we take great pride in providing warm hospitality and locally sourced produce for a true Scottish dining experience.

Itinerary Highlights

(Subject to change)

Day 1
Sunday July 9 –
Arrival and reception

Check into the Tontine casual buffet style dinner reception introductions
Despacho Ceremony

Day 2
Monday July 10 –
Holy Island

Breakfast at Hotel
us trip to Holy Island
Lunch at Barn at Beal
Mystery Visit
Dinner on your own in Peebles

Day 3
Tuesday July 11 – Abbeys 

Breakfast at Hotel
Melrose Abbey – Eildon Hills Hike or River walk
Jedburgh Abbey –  Lunch in Jedburgh on your own
Dryburgh Abbey 
Banquet at  Barony Castle  www.baronycastle.com  

Day 4
Wednesday July 12 –

Breakfast at Hotel
Bus trip Leaving at 9AM to Edinburgh – Free day 

Things to do:
Art Museum, Royal Mile, Giles Cathedral, Whiskey tasting,

Lunch at Pubs shopping
Bus leaves Edinburgh at 6PM
Dinner on your own

Day 5
Thursday July 13 – Peebles

Breakfast at Hotel
Walk to Cross Kirk
Visit House of Gaia
Group lunch in Peebles Pub
River stroll with deep dive into History of the Borders
Mystery excursion

Day 6
Friday July 14 – Rosslyn Chapel

Collegiate Chapel, Yews, Chestnuts
Stroll the grounds
Lunch in the Cafe on your own
Dinner with Dere Street Folk Band at the Tontine

Day 7
Saturday July 15 – Hadrian’s Wall

Bus trip to Hadrian’s wall visit Housestead
Sycamore Gap – Robin Hood film site
Lunch on the road  “The Gun Inn”  Ridsdale

Day 8
Sunday July 16 – Traquair House

Bus to Traquair House and Grounds
Lunch on the grounds at Cafe
Casual farewell dinner at Tontine    

Day 9
July 17 – Farewell

Buses and taxis to airport or further your excursion

Meet your Guides

Mark Nicol

Mark, who has had a passion for the Scottish Borders his entire life,
created “Discover Scottish Borders”  in 2012.

That project has produced over 300 films which brings forth the timeless remnants strewn
across the Borderlands dating back more than a millennia.

Mark has followed tips, leads, book passages and common historical
stories to bring to life the story of the Scottish Borderlands for all to see.

In 2018 Mark was a finalist for “Visit Scotland: Scottish Thistle Award”
The Oscars of Scottish Tourism.

Tebbe Davis

Tebbe Davis is an experienced tour guide in his native Asheville, NC.
His Tour company provides daily walking tours, day long excursions,
as well as step-on guides for motor coaches
visiting from around the States.

Tebbe is recognized as one of Asheville’s finest artists,
specializing in Abstract Cosmic landscapes (Cozmi-scapes).

Tebbe is also the founder of “Creative Seekers Tours” which hosts tours
of Scottish Borders, Highlands as well as Wales, and Ireland.

Tebbe is also a humorist and entertainer; performing in numerous local productions and performance art projects.


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