Welcome to our Day Tours for 2020

Bespoke Tours

If none of our advertised tours meet your needs We will custom tailor a tour to meet your own specific interests.

Forgotten Castles

Visit some important and spectacular Border castles with us.

Kerr Tour

Join mark as we will visit all the important places connected to the Kerr clan.

Stone Age Borders

Discover the artifacts of the stone age in the Scottish Borders

Scottish Wars of Independence

Discover the story of the Scottish Wars of Independence

Douglas Tour (2 Day Tour)

The Douglas Clan played a major role in Scotland, find out how from our tour!

Pringle Tour

We will visit all the important places connected to the Pringle clan.

Armstrong Tour

Join Mark on a tour finding out about all the places of importance to the Armstrong Clan.

Sacred Scottish Yew Trees

Yew trees are extremely important and holy in ancient and not so ancient Celtic culture. Also some of the specimens we visit are very impressive.

Romans in Scotland (2 day tour)

The Romans only spent a small time occupying Scotland, most of this was in the Scottish Borders.

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