Frequently Asked Questions

Before your Tour

How to Book a Tour?

Our tours can be booked in the following ways:

  1.  on our website  (
  2.  by phone, text or whattsapp (+44 7889 784 505)
  3.  by email

Bookings are not confirmed until payment is received and we send a confirmation email.

Language of Tour?

We will provide our tours in English. Although our guide speaks with a native tounge of Scots and Borders Dialect and may use words that are not found in the English Language as they are relevant to the area to tell the story. He will gladly answer any questions and explain further any subjects you are unsure about.


To get the best experience of our set tours and possibly many of the bespoke tours these will lead to travelling distances in a vehicle to and from a number of sites. They will also require long walks up to around or more than 2 miles. Due to the nauture of thier location the walking part will be over muddy terrain, fields and steep climbs, without proper laid out paths. As with Scotland’s weather patterns you can expect 4 seasons in 1 day and can dramatically change from sunshine, rain and windy conditions. Appropriate clothing should be brought along to accommodate this.

We can arrange bespoke tours that are site seeing tours from the vehicle but these will be restricted in the type of sites that can be visited. Also tours around towns can be arranged where the paths will be paved and access the drop pavements to cross roads.

To see our full accessibility policy click here:


We strongly recommends that attendees arrange suitable travel, medical and cancellation insurance.


Luggage is restricted to a minimal and it is suggested that this is in the form of a day-pack such as a small rucksack.

Luggage is carried free of charge but at the passenger’s own risk. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that luggage is fit for travel, i.e. sturdy and waterproof. Travellers have to be able to lift their own luggage.

During your Tour

How much time?

A typical day tour can last between 5 and 8 hours. And this is flexable to get the most out your time at each place we visit.

We will make comfort stops along the way and should try as possible to include a stop every 1.5 hours. Should you wish to make a stop please ask the guide where he will find a suitable place.

As these facilities are provided by 3rd party that are owned by public or priviate owners we are unable to be specific about the accessibility of these places.

We will provide opportunities to stop along the way for photo opportunities etc.

Mobile Reception?

We will spend a lot of time off-the-beating-track, in rolling countryside and remote locations.

So with this in mind, you may not have full, if any mobile reception along the way and varies at every location.

Entry Fees?

Admission fees to attractions are not included in the tour price.

Although most places accept cash and card, it is advisable to carry a small amount of pocket money.

What is the Guide like?

Our guide is full of passion and informative, he will spent as much time with you telling stories and answer questions around your subject matter of interest.

Just watch a few of his videos he has made where you will get a true reflection of his personality: Mark Nicol

After your Tour

Tipping your guide?

Lets be honest, I am not scrounging for extra money, but if you feel I have exceeded your expectations and you have enjoyed your experience I will accept any extra bonus of your discretional amount. I will put this to good use making and producing more video content on my websites.

If you wish to tip on-line at a later date click here:

Can I share my photos?

We love to see your photos of your tour!

If you would like to “let-the-world-see” your photos of your trip please feel free to share them on our social media (links at bottom of the page) also you can email them to stating your wish if you are allowing us to share them on our websites or social media.

How can you provide feedback?

We would love to hear how your overall experience was on our tour.

You can email us your feedback to

You can also provide us with a review that we will display on our website.

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