Lifetime Experiences
Originating in the Scottish Borders

If you have always dreamed of visiting Scotland & the Scottish Borders for reasons that teased your imagination;

Then Discover Scottish Borders is for you!

We are a small group tour operater originating in the Scottish Borders and outreaching to the rest of Scotland & parts of England to tell the tales of the Anglo-Scots Borderlands

Our Itinerary is customised to aid history buffs, spiritual seekers, family heritage research and general appreciation of the Scottish Borders beautiful landscapes and rolling hills

What Would You Like to Do?

Join Us on a Day Tour

1 or 2 Day Tours
Expertly guided by our regional expert.
Take in the History and Stories of how the
Scottish Borders survived turbulent times
through-out all of its history.
Accommodation not included!

Join Us on an Extended Tour

Multi-Day Tours including over night accommodation and group meals.
Guides will take you on a journey that showcases the
beauty and magic that is the lands of Celts that became Scotland.
Suitable for people with a historical interest in Scotland, have heart in Scotland & Creative/ Spiritual Seekers.
Travel to the UK not included.

"Discover" the Scottish Borders

Mark Nicol leading a Scottish Borders Tour 2019 – He brings an infectious passion to his presentation of the Magic and Mystery that is the history of the Scottish Borders.  His work as a Film-Maker and Expert Guide lead a prestigious Designation as the Finalist for the Thistle Award as Scottish Borders Tourism Ambassador.  

Click the image above to see Marks work as a Film Maker bringing to life the wonders and splendored of the area of the Anglo-Scots Border area.

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Why Scottish Borders?

There is a reason Scotland is known as the MOST Beautiful Country in the World. The wildness, raw beauty and mystery of the land has nourished creative souls for all of time.
The history of the past 3 millennia is still in full view. The culture and lifestyle is unchanged and the land holds a mystical beauty that one MUST see and touch.
The Scottish Borders is truly a Gateway to the rest of Scotland and bared the brunt of the wars that ensued between its closest neighbour.
Every hill has a story to tell from pre-history, Iron/bronze age to Medieval
The Scottish Borders is the only areas to be mostly occupied by the romans (on Scottish Soil) in Scotland.
Add all this together and the Scottish Borders has one hell of a story to tell!

Why Tour with Mark?

Mark knows that professionalism, excellent communication and his attention to detail make all the difference in creating an adventure you will never forget. Marks tours will only be a small group, with people like yourself. It is customised and intimate the way travel should be.

Why You?

If you have a love of adventure, are a creative, historian, mystic and lover of nature these tours are for you!
Ignite your Imagination and delight your muse as you drink in the stunning vistas of the Scottish Borders and Northern England from the Castles through villages, rolling hills and pastoral lands to the Ancient past of Celtic nature.

What you can expect?

What People Say...

"We were treated to a wide variety of delightful adventures. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for a gentle, yet deep introduction to these special lands"

Ellen - California

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